Stage 5 Activities

These children are now splitting numbers into parts and learning to rejoin them to solve sums, without having to count on or back in ones.

E.g 8+7=15 because if I know that 8+8=16 off by hear, I can take one off to get the answer, because 7 is one less than 8.

  • When you go shopping ask your child to add up the items you have brought. Ask your child to total up the items…

$6 + $7+$2+$5=…

  • Their doubles to 20 off by heart (6+6, 7+7 etc)
  • Know combinations to 20 off by heart (7+3, 2+8 etc)
  • Know 10+ some more off by heart (10+2=12, 10+6=16)
  • Ask your child to make 30 sticks into bundles of 10 or 5. Ask them how many are left over and how many bundles are there.
  • Practise counting fowards and backwards to 100 and also counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Write large numbers on a piece of paper and get your child to read them aloud. 1 thousand 3 hundred and 27
  • Card games, dice games, bingo games are all great games to get your child to identify big numbers and practise their adding and subtracting.

Continue checking their doubles and basic facts to 20 and ask your child to find more than one way of solving an answer. Examples include…

9+6= 15      9+5+1=15              9+3+3=15