Pāngarau at East Tāmaki School

Mathematics/Pāngarau is important in all parts of life every day.  Students develop their knowledge of numbers, how they work, and strategies for manipulating them.

We create an exciting and engaging environment for learning in Pāngarau through the use of Communities of Mathematical Inquiry.  Students work with authentic contexts relevant to their lives using their knowledge and skills to solve problems and talk about how they are solving them.  This increases their understanding.

Our students use their Pāngarau problem solving skills around the school when they take part in Garden to Table, Enviro-Schools Programmes, bike riding, during break times, on the playground, in the technology room, and it Loto Matala.  Pāngarau is everywhere!

Students work on their individualised learning goals set with their teacher to ensure their learning is at the level right for them.  They are challenged to move through the maths stages and their achievement is monitored by their teacher through regular check ins and testing.  Students at East Tāmaki School are encouraged and supported to accelerate their learning and meet or exceed the curriculum level expectations.