Stage 4 Activities

These children are now counting on and beginning to use part whole thinking strategies. They are learning to think of more than one strategy to solve a question. Your child is working on finding out clever ways to add numbers. Your child is learning to split numbers and rejoin them to solve questions. E.g 9 + 4…9+1=10 10+3 remaining = 14.

Your child needs to know…

  • Their doubles to 20 off by heart (6+6, 7+7 etc)
  • Know combinations to 10 off by heart (7+3, 2+8 etc)
  • Know 10+ some more off by heart (10+2=12, 10+6=16)

What can you do with your child….

  • Play snakes and ladders with your child by getting them to move their counters on to the next number.
  • Bundle up some ice block sticks or with hair ties or rubber bands into groups of 2, 5 and 10.
  • Ask your child to make 30 sticks into bundles of 10 or 5. Ask them how many are left over and how many bundles are there.
  • Play a game with 2 dice where you get the child to add or subtract/ take away the numbers that have been rolled. E.g3+4=7
  • Practise counting fowards and backwards to 100 and also counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.
  • Write large numbers on a piece of paper and get your child to read them aloud. 1 thousand 3 hundred and 27
  • Card games, dice games, bingo games are all great games to get your child to identify big numbers and practise their adding and subtracting.