Community Involvement

Health Promoting Schools

East Tamaki School is a Health Promoting School.

This means that we teach students how to make healthy choices in regard to what they eat, how they choose to interact with others and deal with challenges and new situations. We also encourage them to find appropriate ways to keep fit.

This health focus underpins the whole school programme.

  • Our Garden to Table gives students knowledge about growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables, and preparing healthy, nutritious dishes.
  •  We teach values such as respect, honesty, fairness and perseverance, so that children consider their attitudes and behaviour towards others.
  • We have the Kapai Award system, with awards for positive steps in learning, pride in our environment, positive behaviour, and for involvement in sport and exercise.

We promote things that make for healthy happy children, who are able to focus on their learning, things such as

  • Having breakfast every morning
  •  Eating a healthy lunch
  • Getting sufficient sleep: primary age children need 10-11 hours sleep a night.
  •  Respectful relationships: treating others as you would like to be treated.
  •  Connecting with family/whanau and culture. 


East Tamaki School was presented with a Bronze Award in 2009 and a Silver Award in 2012. We are presently working towards a Green/Gold Award. With the help of funding from the Environment Initiative Fund we have been planting native trees along the school boundaries. The aim has been to attract native birds back to the school and also give our students the opportunity to learn about native flora within the school grounds. The worm tea and vermicast produced in the worm farm have ensured the trees get a great start at becoming established.

In 2014 one of our aims is to establish a lizard garden. Our students learnt a great deal about lizards in 2013 and are very keen and excited about being able to watch native skinks in their school.

We are part of the Paper for Trees programme. Our waste paper and cardboard is collected and then gets swapped for trees which are also being planted around the school.

We are focussed on ensuring we create a beautiful and sustainable environment at the school. The environment provides many opportunities for learning.

Home School Partnerships

There are many ways parents and families can help.

Parents are very welcome to help at school in the classroom listening to children read, helping with art and sorting equipment. Parents could also help around the school with gardening.

OR: You may have a skill that you can share with us, and/or the children. Please talk to your child’s teacher or speak to Ms Sarah Mirams – the principal.