Piripono means to be loyal, faithful and devoted. At East Tāmaki School, we are building life long learners who are committed and devoted to their learning. We encourage ākonga to be proud of themselves and their school.


Whanaungatanga is creating relationships and creating a sense of belonging. At East Tāmaki School, we consider all of our ākonga, staff, and community a part of our whānau. We strive to build relationships and strengthen the mana of each member of our whānau.


Kaitiakitanga means guarding and protecting our environment. At East Tāmaki School, we are passionate about our environment. This includes or classrooms, gardens and native bush. Our ākonga learn to become kaitiaki as soon as they start school.


Manaakitanga involves caring attitudes and a willingness to support each other. At East Tamaki School, we strive to create a culture in which caring for others is both expected and encouraged.



  • Children come to school to learn and have fun
  • In order to learn, children must be at school everyday. Absences are very disruptive to learning.
  • Parents are expected to listen to their child read the books they bring home and talk about these.
  • Parents should make sure that their child brings their book bag to school each day.
  • When children have homework to do, parents should help children develop good habits by encouraging them to do their homework at a certain time before dinner or before they are allowed to watch TV.


  • All children should be at school by 8.15 am but not before 8.00 am. When children arrive late it is disruptive for them, the teacher and the rest of the class.
  • If a child is away please phone the school on 274-9246.
  • All children are expected to come to school every day unless they are very sick or there is a significant reason for them to be away.
  • If a child is away for 2 or more days without notification the truancy officer will be informed.
  • When children are away they obviously miss out on learning. Therefore it makes it difficult for teachers to get the children up to the right achievement levels.