Garden to Table Programme

In the past nine years we have increased the size of our vegetable gardens. We also have many more dedicated volunteers. This increase has allowed us to offer this amazing experience to more of our students. The students continue to enjoy planting, harvesting, cooking and eating the fruits and vegetables we grow in our gardens. They are becoming experts at identifying different types of vegetables which they may not have been exposed to at home and really appreciate the opportunity to try something new. Children willingly give up their lunchtime to sow seeds, thin out seedlings, weed the vegetable garden or just wander through to see what is growing.

Our disused swimming pool was removed and the hole that once was the pool filled up with soil. This very large garden has been split up into smaller gardens with paths in between and has as distinct Pasifika theme to it with banana trees and taro being planted in the middle. The old changing sheds have had a makeover and now serve as a potting shed and extra storage space.

The vegetable garden has become even more attractive with the addition of some garden themed murals. We are always very willing to show our gardens and kitchen to others. The Garden to Table Programme is a significant part of the school and we are very proud of it.

East Tamaki School featured on Kiwi Living.  To watch it, click on the link below.