Digital Technology

Middle and senior classes are learning how to think like a computer in digital learning class. They are learning to create simple step by step instructions and if they do not work to identify the problem (bug) and recreate the code and fix the problem (debugging).

We began by looking at a checker board floor with limited commands such as go (move one step forward) and left (turn left on the spot).  Students had turns of being the thinker who gave instructions, the listener who followed the instructions and moved on the board and someone to be home and give them a high five when they made it there safely.  Many obstacles were added into this activity to challenge students thinking further, such as a wall and treasure.  We related our thinking to the game of Pacman and introduced the ghost.

Students have worked collaboratively to relate this learning into a grid on paper and created their own algorithms (step by step instructions) for a game.  Next students will use the skills they have learned to create the code for a game using Scratch.